going gaga over dimensional surfaces

YUMA and SUBU panels
Walls are an important factor in any interior design project.

I have featured many different products that I can certainly recommend including stencils, wallpaper, mega photograph mural, colored concrete, translucent concrete, glass tiles and ceramic art walls, all of which address a specific aesthetic concern. Today I add another way to treat a wall … the dimensional surfaces of Seattle-based modulararts®.

WADE and DUNE tiles
This company produces stunning panels, tiles and blocks that either go over an existing wall or become the wall, making the latter a super way to divide a room without using screens.  Their innovative and beautiful products are a collection of multiple modules that create a seamless and graceful architectural feature for a space of any size, whether a lovely kitchen backsplash or a 20-foot restaurant wall.  The edges interlock for quick and accurate alignment and superior joint stability, so it is quite easy to install … ok, ok, I hear the silent “yeah, right … YOU Richard?!” but I swear; it’s that easy! 
image credit:  modulararts®