Gloria’s glorious chandelier over at Holly’s House

Made extremely well with obvious eye for detail, is the Gloria Chandelier offered through Holly’s House, a London-based retailer on the Kings Road whose offerings are more on the artisanal side of things and range from jewelry to furniture.

What strikes me about the Gloria chandelier is the level of detail.  I’ve seen chandeliers in a similar vein, playfully made by forming wire and emulating a shape.  This is different.  Although surely it could not withstand a stomping by a herd of elephants, the piece looks sturdy enough and there is a certain playful gravitas to it that makes it a definite contender for formal rooms that need a touch of fun.  Imagine the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles dripping with these? Sensational! (Now they will never let me into France again!)
Scouring the world for fresh art + design that falls within my aesthetic is no easy task.  So in key markets, I have my scouts who constantly bombard me with ideas, some of which make the final cut at The Modern Sybarite. This is one of them.  My thanks to Sam P. who had the courage to face my discriminating axe.
image credits: Holly’s House, London