Gessi: the art in organic architectural bathroom design


When I first meet with new clients, they always ask what I can do for them – and I tell them I can help with everything including the bathroom sink!  Never forget that a truly well finished home takes into account every aspect of design including the hardware for the ubiquitous bathroom faucet.  One way to make your bathroom really stand out from that of your neighbors is to incorporate the incredible architectural and organic faucets produced by the Italian firm Gessi.


With over twenty years now behind them, Gessi continues to be Italy’s leading design source for water fixtures.  Lucky for us, the company has expanded well beyond its Italian borders and is now available through showrooms on all continents.  And as with all great Italian firms, the workmanship is impeccable!  Here are a few of my absolute favorites:


The Goccia line takes inspiration from the shape of water droplets, which one sees but ignores, everyday.  Here the genius of Gessi was to adapt it to the bathroom faucet.  I’ve never seen anyone else making these creative organic shapes for bathroom fixtures.  They’re simply brilliant!

My favorites among the group are the overhead pieces: the ceiling mounted faucet is like a long stretching glob of molten metal ready to break into a drop.  I love the tension that it creates in a room  – what a dramatic and delightful addition to a bathroom.   And the overhead shower fixture with its over hyped size is a water drop on steroids.  This reminds me of something the artist Claes Oldenburg would do – it’s like having contemporary art in your shower!


The bath faucets are sleek, modern and graceful with their elegant swan like neck terminating in the Gessi signature water drop.  They are simple with a single lever for operation.  The wall-mounted version is perfect in saving valuable counter space.  When paired with a modern vessel sink, you have all the makings of an elegant bathroom you’ll be happy to show-off to your guests.



Gessi is one firm to consider when you’re doing a new or DIY bathroom project.  Their artful organic and architectural faucets and showerheads check all the boxes

1. quality

2. innovation

3. great design


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image credits: Gessi, Milan with international showrooms throughout the world


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