Fusing traditions in the work of Nada Debs

You will hardly guess what this is. C’mon, take a stab before you go any further.

I’m very happy to say I found these truly fun, unordinary and very functional low tables by the very, very clever Lebanese designer Nada Debs.  I can’t tell you how fabulous these Pebble Tables really are.  Imagine a colorful version (as in the first image) in a peppy midcentury inspired room.  Or an all nickel or bronze table (second photo) with white lacquered tops in a beautiful off-white and silver traditional living room with Louis XVI furniture in pale upholstery.  Or a bronze version (third image) in an art-filled mancave in beautiful browns and earthtones, or a rainbow version (final image) in a psychedelic 60s-70s den with a shag rug.  These tables are very unique and GO WITH EVERYTHING while lending the space a playful minimalist touch of contemporary living.
Nada is a designer of Lebanese origin who was brought up in Japan, studied design in the US, started her company in the UK and is currently back in Beirut from where she operates her global studio.  Only someone like Nada, with the sensibility to the Japanese tradition of minimalism (and functionality) in furniture, coupled with a Middle Eastern tradition of geometric decoration and American ideas of form and function could come up with these. Brilliant … simply brilliant!
All the tables are custom made in various metals, woods and finishes and can be reconfigured, so they move to fit any space – whether sitting before a long bench or bunched up in front of a semi-circular sofa. Cocktails anybody?
image credits: Nada Debs
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