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Previously I blogged about Shoreditch, the energetic neighborhood around Tent London, one of the Mama fairs anchoring the London Design Fair in the east side of the city.  On another post, I shared some of my top picks from Tent London … pieces that I could just plop down into one of my interior design projects.

And then there are the fun, creative and experimental objects that were in abundance at Tent London.  While some of these may still need some polishing, there are others that fit a different aesthetic other than mine.  But that doesn’t render them bad or useless, just different.  And that’s why I truly loved Tent London.

Here is some of what caught my eye …

It appears there was a theme of furniture in motion.



Ben Paddon



The Modern Garden Company






Kate Noakes inlays metal and gesso onto repurposed furniture to give it a new life.  Talk about GREEN.



Sebastian Cox is a craftsman working with coppiced wood and British hardwoods.  His pieces are VERY environmental.



Patrick Laing, a more seasoned designer, introduced the Flying Skirt chandelier – a pendant whose speed changes depending on the activities of the people underneath it.



His magnetized, stackable, and functional home ware wood collection is quite brilliant when you think of it.  It keeps it all in whatever place you choose.



Mathew Bridges’ ingenuity is incredible and his extending table can only be best explained by the video.



Farg & Blanche from Stockholm brought this prickly footstool.  Really?

And then there are the countless of products I failed to photograph assuming their designers would have a working website … but some of these are really new businesses. They missed their chance at glorification!!!!


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image credits: main image and quote/Katie Triggeden; others/ appropriate designers, except for #1,5,and 6 taken by Richard Rabel.