From russia with love …

I’ve been set in finding a young and talented up and coming Russian designer to feature for a long time and thanks to my friends at style-files, I found him at last.  Pavel Eekra is a Moscow-based designer whose awesome Crimean Pinecone Pendant Lamp is featured above.

Certainly influenced by Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke Lamp of 1958, Pavel’s lamp consists of 56 wood plates.  Scientifically organized to screw to each other without an internal frame, the plates are separated enough from each other to allow light to pass between them and as the plates are made from thin wood veneers (your choice of maple, beech – shown above, antiaris or kaya), enough light passes through them for a soft and inviting glow of amazing beauty.  How fab is this?  Whether for a more rough-hewn home in the mountains or a modern space in town, this pendant is the bomb!
Image credit: Pavel Eekra.  The fixture is 80 cm. | 31.1/2 in. tall and 60-80 cm. | 24-32 in. tall.