frank roop: a lesson in dressing interiors

You can find inspiration everywhere, even in something that may not appear to be “your thing”. Case in point, this lovely interior by Boston-based Frank Roop.

Most people would not peg this to be “my thing”, but in reality it kinda is.  Furnished in its entirety by mid to late 20th century pieces, the simplicity and eclectic mix of the room is phenomenal.  The mix of colors is brilliant.  So are the size and scale of the objects.  Many times designers of more contemporary spaces can choc up a space with too much art/design suffocating the life out of a room.   Frank clearly has the ability to anticipate this and gives his spaces just enough to make them comfortable and joyful abodes. With the mix of very traditional architectural details (i.e. the mantle piece) and super contemporary shapes, Frank is definitely one talented cat!
image credit: frank roop
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