For today’s princess

I find the history of furniture and interiors quite fascinating and for many centuries, it was France which dictated what was “in” or “out”.  The baroque furniture of Louis XIV and Versailles was huge and heavy … just the right scale for filling the vast spaces of the Château with its unending corridors and cathedral ceilings!  But with time, and as the aristos moved from living at Fontainebleau to living in Paris and having to “squeeze” into smaller spaces, the furniture became more petite and elegant.

Some pieces just outright disappear with the times as their use becomes obsolete.  Who today has the space or the use for a toilet table or a voyeuse.  If you think a dressing table fits this category think again.
For most mortals, a table like this is defunct, but there is a segment of the population with the space and sense to have a piece as modern and stunning as today’s feature.  Designed by Michal Froněk of the Olgoj Chorchoj studios in Prague, the Princess table is made of black walnut sitting on a polished stainless steel support. Inside this sleek and minimalist piece there is a drawer and a 4-partition storage space topped by a circular LED lit mirror that lies hidden under the structure. What a delightful modernist piece of furniture!  I wonder if Marie-Antoinette would approve?
image credit: © Martin Chum. The piece is sold through Process|Prague