fishing for the perfect cocktail table

Portuguese designer Joaquim Paulo has answered all our prayers with his fab Koi table for Brabbu.  Many times I have searched in vain for the perfect side table that will bring some bling to a space while keeping a cool contemporary look.  They call this a center table, but it’s actually quite low to the ground, so I would use it between two chairs or even use a pair of these beauties in front of a sofa.

Obviously inspired by Japanese koi – those goldfish you see in parks and restaurants – the body of the table is a cascade of brass scales, some filled and some not. You can choose between a glass or marble top.  To me the glass might border on fish “bowly”, so to keep it contemporary and modern I would opt for a marble top.  It’s so cool how the light dances across the brass scales.
But like all good things, imitations abound.  Just yesterday I got an email from a well-known online source selling very close look-a-likes.  I implore you to buy the real thing when you can.  Why patronize a firm making or selling cheap knockoffs?  It’s so important to support young design talent and to give them the financing and encouragement to keep developing their ideas into fab products.  I shudder to think of what the design world might miss if new designers have to give up too soon.  And if you can’t afford this specific design, there is always something great and original in your own price range – and another designer to support!

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image credit: Joaquim Paulo, Porto, Portugal for Brabbu