felt home accessories never looked better


FilzFelt, a Boston-based company specializing in felt, is producing modern and versatile felt home accessories: felt floor coverings, felt drapery, felt hanging panels and felt tabletop embellishments for today’s home that offer flexibility and soften spaces both physically and acoustically all while adding a great punch of color to your decor.



And one of the designers they’ve turned for help is Turkish mega designer Ayse Birsel who with traditional references and a contemporary sensibility has developed a playful and colorful collection of ready-made goods for FilzFelt that plays on repetition and scaling of rectangles and circles.   It immediately brings to mind the array of dots in bold primary colors used by both pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and contemporary artist Damien Hirst in his spot paintings.



These are really quite ideal for interiors with a hip twist on midcentury design as they add a contemporary feeling and sense of humor. I bet you never thought doilies would be back!  Well, these are not your grandmother’s lace variety but are over scaled and fun – looking handsome on a Saarinen Tulip table. And how charming are the polka dots on an area floor covering, or on a table runner or as placemats?  I can see the hanging room divider as a great solution to separating a living and dining room, allowing light to flow into each space and permitting sight lines to continue across the entire room.  The fabulous fuchsia pierced curtain would be great layered over shears to create a unique window treatment.



What’s nice about the FilzFelt felt is that it’s a 100% natural product and is both water resistant and fireproof, so there is little maintenance, which is perfect if you have small children or pets.  Felt home accessories never looked better!



image credits: FilzFelt, Boston