exotic decorative objects and unusual accessories from creel & gow

Finding the extraordinary accessory for your home used to be quite a feat. But thankfully not anymore.  Creel & Gow, a delightful cabinet of curiosities, opened late last year in Manhattan with an array of unusually exquisite accouterments from all over the world.  The well-selected pieces range in price from US$100 and up and one can find anything from the natural world – from a stuffed animal (not the Donald Duck type) to silver gilt seashells (their specialty).  For the really eccentric, there is even a silvered shell encrusted gilt bust of Caesar that would work wonders in your own seashell grotto!

Kidding aside, you may think the actual mineral or seashell is nothing special and something you can find anywhere.  Perhaps.  But the devil is in the details and an object from Creel & Gow is differentiated in how very well treated, mounted and displayed they are.  I can attest to that.
The store is owned by Paris-based Jamie Creel and New York-based Christopher Gow both of whom have a passion for the elegant and exotic and who correctly addressed the need to have a store that served the discerning individual looking for that perfect gift.
So next time you’re looking for that unusual little something to plop on top of the cocktail table’s books or that detail that will finish a space, take a stroll to Creel & Gow.  I assure you you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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image credits: Creel & Gow, New York