Engaging with art

I ALWAYS advise buying art or design based on whether it triggers something emotional in the viewer.  Although “keeping up with the Joneses” seems increasingly super cool in the art world these days, buying art primarily as an investment is risky (no one has a crystal ball to predict the future) and quite frankly, naive. There are plenty of people who bought 18th century French painting by blue chip artists like Fragonard or Boucher for exorbitant prices 15 years ago that can’t even give them away these days. “Buy with your eyes (and heart) and not your ears” is something I repeatedly heard the famed American dealer Richard Feigen say and boy is he right!

Young American painter Lloyd Martin is one contemporary artist I dig.  His mastery for combining disparate aspects of line, color and form held together by an architectural element, makes his compositions “structured” yet very abstract. Who knows if Lloyd is the next big thing, but what I do know is that his art engages me and enriches my time.  This is what should motivate any buyer of art whether it is purchasing a US$4,000 photograph or US$140,000,000 Jackson Pollock.

Photo credit: © Lloyd Martin. Trek, 2011, oil, mixed media on canvas, 56 x 60 in. | 142.3 x 152.5 cm. The artist is represented by the Stephen Haller Gallery, New York.