dimore studio: Incorporating yesterday’s patina into today’s hip interiors

When we broadly think of European interiors, we either think of tired spaces past their prime, or ultramodern super chic spaces that are so minimalist it’s hard to tell if you’re in a bathroom or a living room.

So it was refreshing to see the work of the Milanese-based firm Dimore Studio run by the very clever Italian designer Emiliano Salci and his equally gifted American partner Britt Moran.
Commissioned by luxury companies like Hermes, hotels such as the Grand Hotel et de Milan and a number of discerning clients, the duo’s artistry lies in reinterpreting spaces by evoking their imagined ethereal past.
In the first set of photos from a palazzo in Milan (top) and Grand Hotel (center), one can appreciate the harmonious encounter of antiques in contemporary design.  Who else would pair an 18th century sofa – beautifully covered in a slate-colored linen – with a 70s arc lamp (in the far background) and a 21st century reclaimed wood side table (part of the designer’s furniture line)? A space like this would normally drip with old master paintings, but the visionary artists inject just the right amount of modern art to make it a joyful and upbeat contemporary space. And that bedroom is far from being your old great auntie’s boudoir !!!
As for the last set of photos of rooms in the Grand Hotel et de Milan, these strike a glorious balance between old and new, high end and low brow.  The small dining table, with its chic and tailored demi-lune chairs are set before a seemingly reclaimed covered wall with a graffiti-like expressionist paint job which really works well in offsetting the greens and blues in the room.  Lastly, I think the corner with the early 20th century chair and ginormous mahogany wardrobe, paired with the very traditional blonde wood floors is beautifully executed. Class, not crass!
This balance of old and new with a pinch of decadence is not an easy thing to pull off, and so I therefore doff my hat to my colleagues at Dimore Studio for incredibly good work and creating marvelous contemporary design!
image credits: (top image) Emanuele Zamponi for Yatzer; (middle and bottom) Dimore Studio
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