design-week for kids (at heart – 5/5)

The past 4 days it’s been all about design for kids.  Today’s last post of the series is for all the kids at heart!
The Lastika Chair (how fabulous is this?) designed by V. Velikov, comes to market via the LagoStudio in Italy, a company whose ethos is to bring together creative designers for summer workshops every year to brainstorm and create new products that fulfill 3 criteria: the products must be useful, solid and contribute to the happiness of the home they’re in … and I’m all about happiness in a home!

The chair resembles a beautiful daisy and is made up of 40 brightly colored elastics.  The product description says it is stable, comfortable, stackable, lightweight and fun.  I would also add … quirky and incredibly happy looking, a welcome asset to any fun-loving home!

image credit: LagoStudio



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