Design-week for kids (2/5)

Today is day two of our week-long feature on design for kids.
For whatever reason, kids love to play house; whether made of sheets and cardboard, or a fort built under a table or in my case, a canvass tepee I got one Christmas which for months was propped up in our back yard and was the perfect hangout for my friends and I. No sisters allowed!

Nowadays, you can order the igloo designed by Lucie Koldová and sold through Process, Prague.  It’s a delightful refuge from the grown-up world.  Made of wood and with see-through slats for adult supervision, the igloo even has a padded base to protect the young ones from roughing it too much.  What ever happened to getting your battle scars from playing on the floor!
image credit: Kristina Hrabětová

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