design maestro robert stadler and carpenters workshop gallery: furniture that truly is “the bomb”

Austrian-born but Paris-based designer Robert Stadler is at it again.  Last year I wrote about his beautiful exercise stool and today, I’m going back to him for a look at his humorous and ergonomically designed bomb furniture.

When it comes to design, I like it to be both beautiful and functional.  One without the other makes it unsuccessful in my book. Take the irregular bomb sofa.  I get it may not be for everybody, but this beautiful and sexy contemporary furniture is very versatile.  You can use it as a traditional sofa, a day bed and in more creative positions that help you relax.  In a room that perhaps is more informal, like a TV or family room, this sofa is great. 
The spherical bomb armchairis a piece that works well in an informal or formal space, such as a library, home office, bedroom, living room, foyer, etc.  The leather quilting effect is English Chesterfield catapulted into the 21st century and is awfully comfortable.
The gift of a true designer is the ability to re-imagine the familiar, and Stadler does this magnificently.  Who knows, but maybe 100 years from now, this contemporary sexy furniture may be the standard in every home!
image credits: Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London and Paris, whom represent the designer.