defining modern eclectic design: the work of new york designer julie hillman

I recently discovered the work of design colleague JulieHillman and I was quite happy to do so. This is precisely the type of design I like to uncover.  With over 10 years of experience under her belt, Julie has a masterful eye in mixing antique with mostly modern works and balancing them all with glamorous fabrics and comfy furnishings with clean lines.

All around us there are designers doing “eclectic” interiors that frankly result in rooms choc-full of stuff from different places and time periods.  But what lacks is a sense of proportion, of balance, of starting with the final picture and working forward. Julie is incredible at doing this.
One of the things Julie can teach us from these images is that creating tension in a room has its benefits. If you look carefully at the images, you can appreciate that her unique look has much to do with placing contrasting pieces in the same environment – whether its art of different shapes, colors and lines, or fabrics in the same color but in different textures. This is a great tip.  But perhaps my favorite thing about Julie, is that she has the gumption (and the clients with money) to use “real” art in her interiors.  And that my friends, makes all the difference!
image credits: Bärbel Miebach for Julie Hillman.  With thanks to Daniella Ohad for the introduction.