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Decorex International, the grand dame of the events that form the London Design Festival, predates the festival by a quarter-century and it’s the must-do for anybody in the interior design trade.  Thanks to MODENUS BlogTour London, I was able to revisit this temple of decoration one more time.  This year, for the first time (and for the foreseeable future) it was held at the grounds of Kensington Palace.



A wonderful but dangerous champagne lunch was provided at the Palace’s Orangerie by Mr. Steam before we all ventured into the show, so needles to say the entire visit to the Fair was jovial and very friendly!

There was so much to see at the Fair, so I will break up my posts on Decorex.  And while I could easily report on all the vendors, I’ll keep my focus to bringing only new discoveries. Today I focus on some of the best lighting and decorative objects I saw.



Art et Floritude is a lighting studio in France working on plant inspired lighting, some of which is 18th century and some which is contemporary.  Personally, I love the contemporary fixtures they brought. The “Galets” collection of lighting can be used in spaces with tall ceilings or even as a screen of lights.  The colorful wall applique was handsome as well.



UK-based Bert Frank produces some remarkable lighting all made in the UK. Needles to say, if the urge is there to tailor the lights, you can have them custom made in colors, scale and finishes of your choice.  I was impressed with the “Riddle” line with stamped brass shades and the “Shear” wall lights that amp it up for those looking for an “industrial “ look.



Object de Curiosite from France displayed an extraordinary array of natural objects, all in very good taste and exquisitely mounted.  Perhaps not the stuffed pygmy antelope, but most of their naturalia can easily be displayed as art.  It’s the details that make your home memorable.



Galerie Smith in Edinburgh is a modern haven of innovative lighting, furniture and contemporary art.  What I really liked were the magnificent bronze sculptures by Scottish artist Keith McCarter (b. 1936)



Today’s post featured what I found new and exciting in lighting and decorative objects at Decorex.  In the future I will be writing posts on my finds in Decorex furniture and Decorex textiles, stone and finishes.

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