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I started my series of 3 posts on Decorex International, the uber chic trade show for interior designers (part of the London Design Festival), with an introduction that included my favorite finds in Decorex lighting and art.  Then in another post, I featured Decorex surfaces – textiles, stone and finishes – that caught my fancy.  Today, the last post of the series, I feature my favorite furniture discoveries.



Although I mentioned them in my previous post under stone (wall and floor coverings), Lapicida is dipping their toes into designing and making select pieces of furniture.  They happen to have a ginormous lathe that can do all sorts of cutting and molding on stone.  One prime example is the beautiful edge on this stone slab that serves as the top of a breakfast table.  How elegant is that!



Wiltshire-based Stuart Scott makes sensational tailored modern furniture and it’s all handmade in England.  Just loving the tufted back Formalis Sofa.  With a wisp of tradition this baby can find its place in any traditional, transitional or modern home.



The French workshop of Pierre Counot-Blandin emerged in the 1930s and still produces furniture for the top connoisseurs of today. People and places like Jean-Louis Deniot, Pierre-Yves Rochon, the Kremlin and the royal residence of HH Princess Takamatsu of Japan all use their furniture.  The attention to detail is, as the French would say, “magnifique”!



London-based Amy Somerville produces pieces “perfect for redefining a traditional space and adding depth and soul to the contemporary interior”. This double-sided Ranconteur lounge sofa has fine-looking details, including a metal banding along the bottom edge. It’s delicious AND decadent.



And speaking of decadent … this low cabinet stopped me with a wow.  Its perfectly matched wood veneers form turtle shell patterns and the top is finished in lacquer.  And although it has mass, the cabinet appears to float on its mirrored base making it seem lighter than it really is.  Imagined by Perth-based designer Christian Lyon for Matsuoka, the Japanese firm known for its fine quality and rare and exotic wood furniture, this cabinet gets my “best in show” award. It has it all:  uniqueness, sophistication, ingenuity, craftsmanship and beauty.

Decorex International was certainly worth the visit and I thank MODENUS BlogTour London for the opportunity to see it again.


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