David Weeks: Divine inspiration

Rarely are new products so completely revolutionary as not to have been inspired by others that came before them.  And that is perfectly OK in my mind. Many new products trying to be unique, turn out to be silly looking lacking proportion and scale.

One new and very awesome lamp that was inspired by a great one from the past is Brooklyn-based designer David Weekstripod 303 lamp shown above.  It looks like something from the late 50s and is very likely inspired by Serge Mouille’s MFL-3 shown below.  But this American 3-headed hydra is nothing like its grand-daddy.  Each counter-weighted arm adjusts back and forth and side to side (as does the main “trunk” holding each arm).  The shades rotate 360 degrees casting light anywhere you want them to. Cooler still is that the shades come in black, ivory, orange or pewter.
Mouille’s brilliant lamp is iconic and if you can get a vintage one, I would recommend it hands down.  But if you are in the market for new and modern design, go for the Weeks.  Nobody can argue its chutzpah!
image credits: (above) David Weeks; (below) Serge Mouille USA