david scott: stylish interiors with confidence

I recently made a trip to the Rizzoli flagship bookstore in Manhattan where amidst all the delightful design books I found one whose material took my breath away: Outside the Box by interior design colleague David Scott. I shamelessly did not know much of David’s work but after buying the book I’m a total fan!

Like some of us doing high-end design work, David appears to have the knack for combining antiques, art and decorative arts into comfortable interiors.  His mixture of periods and styles with mostly modern furniture is certifiably 21st century and that is why I find his interiors to be so interesting.  Believe me, there are many, many, many designers who cannot pull this off!

Being partial myself to masculine shapes and forms in decorating, whether in an antique or in a piece of art, I can appreciate how David uses textiles and upholstery to soften his masculine furniture shapes to make a room equally comfortable for either sex.

I’ve been asked by some colleagues why I feature competition on my blog.  Perhaps it’s a terribly stupid thing, but from where I stand, we can all benefit from appreciating and learning from good design, especially from a talented designer like David.
Note: David was selected to design a room for the 2012 Annual Kip’s Bay Decorator Show House in Manhattan from 16 May through 14 June.  I can’t wait to see it … it will surely be nothing less than AMAZING!
image credits: David Scott Interiors
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