david kleinberg: interiors with traditional values + modernist outlook

Several years back I had the good fortune to meet Albert Hadley, the other half of the Parish-Hadley interior design powerhouse, right about the time he was closing his own practice in NYC.  A truly giving person, Mr. Hadley gave me an hour and we talked just about everything including my years at Christie’s.  Sadly enough, Mr. Hadley passed away the end of March and I count myself lucky to have met a true icon of the interior design business.

Others, like the exceptional designer David Kleinberg, were even luckier.  He had the good fortune to apprentice under the great Parish-Hadley duo for over 15 years and has since catapulted his talents into a very, very well regarded interior design practice with projects worldwide.
I’m delighted to see that David is not put off by antiques or 20th-century design and has the confidence and authority to use them in cozy, luxurious and uncluttered spaces.  For example, look at his fascinating dining room (top image).  He has both traditional and contemporary elements that happily co-exist together.  The lighting installation that drips from the ceiling doesn’t overpower Richard Prince’s Nurse on the blue lacquered wall, and the 18th -19th century demi-lune commodes and pier mirrors that flank the doorway serve enough “tradition” to ground the entire room and create a posh 21st century space.
His attention to detail is obsessive, and that’s what produces his beautiful results.  Take a look at the living room (center image).  How beautiful is the carpet that echoes the coffered ceiling above and the antiqued mirrored tiled walls on either side of the chimney?  Check out the details in the marvelous cozy library (last image).  The trimmed rectangular panels on the wall are glorious with their vertical lines continued onto the sofa’s upholstery and then onto the rug.  And the silver nail-head trim on the chair also serves to emphasize the detail on the walls.
Albert Hadley is gone but he left a group of well-trained and exceptional designers in their own right to carry the torch of sophisticated taste well into the 21st century. David Kleinberg is certainly one of the very best!
image credit: David Kleinberg Design Associates, New York
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