David Collins: at the top of the craft

There are but a few people worldwide at the very top of the Interior Design profession. Masters of their craft whose clients are in the 1% and whose expectations far surpass many of ours and so it is with great delight for me to bring you one of my favorite colleagues in the field, London-based and sinfully talented David Collins.

To some David is better known for his hospitality projects in London like the Artesian Bar at the Langham; the Blue Bar at The Berkeley and The Wolseley on Picadilly.  He has also done the interiors for The London NYC and West Hollywood hotels and The Charles, a small complex of 45 coveted residences in Manhattan’s Upper East side.
But my all-time favorite are his single project private residences, those bastions of exquisite beauty, sybaritic luxury and devilish perfection that sit behind closed doors and which only but a few people get to see. Lucky for us, today we have 2.
Above is the contemporary living room of a family home in London.  It’s a melodic symphony of colors, shapes and textures tastefully styled to perfection.  Take a close look at the architecture details and the overall balance of the room … the artwork in the background plays off the black striated marble table in the foreground; the rectilinear fireplace with the square, shagreen-backed club chairs; the sofa on the right with the 2 exact “mini me” versions on the left, the lamps in the back and left with the ones in the front and right.  The touch of orange on the luxurious leather chair serves to slightly throw off the perfect balance of the room.
The immediate image above and all the ones below correspond to a family home in Bangkok.  You can see why David is at the forefront of luxury interiors with these images.  The interior of the home is tastefully extravagant but far from vulgar.  The entrance, with its cacophony of patterns and shapes found in the chandelier, floor and curved sliding doors is absolutely brilliant.
And I love this library/sitting room just off the vestibule.  The pattern of the floor and the coloring is classic yet everything in the room feels modern and very “today”.
This is one end of the larger sitting room with the kitchen beyond.  The blue on blue flame-stitch upholstery on the demi-lune club chair is awesome.  Talk about bringing a 17th century pattern into the 21st!
In looking at this luxurious living room three things strike me about David’s work.  First, is that he has a keen sense of balance and proportion, which makes the rooms easy to live in.  Second, in these rooms he uses white as the neutral priming for his canvas and brings color into the space with the furnishing, design and artwork.  Third, he LOVES pattern.  Look above, for example, at the rug, wood floor, textured wall over the chimney and batik-printed curtains.  They all represent rectangles of one size or another which serve as the glue that gives the space it’s cohesive total.  Of course, all of this is much easier said than done and that’s why David Collins IS the ultimate Master of the craft.
image credits: (top-London home) David Collins Studio, London; (all others-Bangkok home) Richard Powers for David Collins Studio. A Thank You to his Studio for facilitating the images.
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