D.W. Mellor’s black and whites

There is something about taking the best from the past, reinterpreting it and making a superb example for the present.  This is exactly what American-born photographer D. W. Mellor does in his dossier of photos called Stills.

What’s amazing in the image above is that it echoes a 17th century Old Master painting in its mood, but in its setting, even though it incorporates old objects, it is a minimalist composition of the 21st century. And so what makes it a superb contemporary photograph is not the objects themselves and how they enhance the table as it would in the 17th century, but the relationship of the few arranged objects and how these are defined by the natural light.
Image credit: © D.W. Mellor, Still Life with White Cloth, London, 2000 (2009), 1/10, Iris Print, 26 x 32 in. | 66 x 81.2 cm., US$6,000.  The artist is represented by Robert Burge 20th Century Photographs, New York.