curved furniture as a statement for the contemporary home

Kino Guerin is bending the rules of furniture making – quite literally!  This native of Quebec has spent over a decade perfecting his craft using a vacuum press to shape wooden veneers into statement furniture pieces.  Guerin said he wanted to explore furniture making without using legs, crossbars or supports – so that required him to take the flat table top and bend the edges down to create the seamless supports.  And that’s when his creativity and imagination went mental!!!  His creations appear effortless, like twisting paper, but there is a very laborious and difficult process behind each marvelous design.

When an artist combines artistry with function and clever design, well, then I’m sold!  The “Why Knot Bench” (above) takes the traditional form and then gives it a huge twist at one end – like a bow on your favorite gift.  This is a great furniture statement piece for an entry hall to let guests know that a mischievous spirit inhabits the dwelling!
Another great and yet practical piece is the “S Shelf” which adds a touch of whimsy to a library or study.  Again, the seamless flowing curves are so graceful and inspiring.  To think that Guerin can find such life and beauty in an ordinary object!!! To me, this has a kinetic aspect as well – it almost feels like I could stretch out the curve just a little more to make room for more books if needed!
The “Nebula Console Table” is a wooden roller coaster spinning through your room.  The contrast between the rich dark rosewood veneer of the outside and the lighter wood on the interior really brings the crazy curves to life.
If this curved furniture is what Guerin has done in his first decade experimenting with his craft, I can’t wait to see what his contemporary furniture design will be in the next ten years! Thumbs up Kino!

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image credits: Kino Guerin, Quebec