cool bookends from around the world

Like the umbrella stands I wrote about in an earlier feature, bookends are another decorating accessory impossible to shop for.  So much out there is uninspiring.  But I found some phenomenal ones from my sources:

Berlin via Vienna: These Carl Aübock vintage bookends (above) are simply the bomb.  Made of brass and cane you can buy them from The Original in Berlin store.
New York City via Texas: These waterbuffalo (fancy word for cow!) horn bookends are a stylish addition to any library.  Polished to a glowing shimmer, the sturdy bases make them appropriate for bookends. They’re available from The Evolution Store in SoHo.
Buenos Aires:  Aire del Sur home décor shop has these awesome onyx balls on a heavy metal base.  The finial comes in cream, bordeaux, blue or black rock.
Bath, England: Timothy Richards is better known for his truly spectacular miniature reproductions of some of Britain’s best known buildings.  These split pair bookends model the Palm Room pillars at Spencer House.
Any preferences?
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