contemporary cocktail tables that delight

contemporary cocktail tables - Lythos table

I’ve been looking at contemporary cocktail tables for a project. Where sofas and chairs are more often than not of similar forms and functions, cocktail tables can bring some personality to a space. The three contemporary cocktail tables I have chosen today are all completely different and yet could be used in my decorating scheme. Each will finish the room and give it a very distinct vibe.


contemporary cocktail tables - Lythos detail

French designer Toni Grilo designed the ultra-chic Lythos table above, an elegant cocktail table that isn’t what it appears. When I saw this in person, I stopped, admired, but then moved on as it looked like I needed a crane to move it. I then went back to look at it again and voila … my fears were allayed. It’s genius actually. The sides and top of the table are thin sheets of marble applied to an aluminum frame. The whole weighs only 80 pounds, so it can be easily moved around any space! It’s a great piece of sculpture to center the room. A huge thumbs up!


contemporary cocktail tables - Jean de Merry table

The Module Side Tables are designed by Dylan Farrell for Thomas Hamel and produced by Jean de Merry. Like the Lythos piece above, these are tables that really ground a room and have a sophisticated presence. And they’re absolutely fab because they are so versatile. I love a piece of furniture that can pull double duty when needed. I can see these broken up and used scattered around the room as side tables. In the case of a large cocktail party, these could even stand in as extra seating. This is the perfect contemporary cocktail table for Manhattan apartments!


contemporary cocktail tables - Gazelle Holly Hunt

Finally, the Gazelle cocktail table by Holly Hunt is a nod to the African savanna. The sleek black granite top is finished with a thin beveled edge. The cast bronze legs appear to prance daintily giving an added illusion of lightness. While of a more traditional form, the slight tweaking of this table adds a touch of genius playfulness to a space. Again, the trick as with the Lythos table above is to lighten the base by drawing it to a point that allows the eye to travel underneath it. I love it!


contemporary cocktail tables - Gazelle detail Holly Hunt

So which cocktail table did I end up buying for the project? The client picked my favorite and the space looks great. They loved that it’s so different from what’s out there. Contemporary cocktail tables are a great way of adding something a bit unexpected to your home. And your guests will never confuse it with a boring coffee table again!

Richard Rabel is a New York Interior Designer and Principal at Richard Rabel: Interiors+ Art, a design studio offering residential design, decorating and art advising services.

image credits from top to bottom: contemporary cocktail tables: Haymann Editions, Paris; Jean de Merry, New York; Holly Hunt, New York.