considering a wood paneled shower? tiles that pave the way

Last week I was at the A&D Building in Manhattan placing orders for a client project, and though tile was not part of the trip, I wandered into the Hastings Tile & Bath showroom.  I’m always in awe of how far some products have come along … wall paper that really looks like wood, tile that looks like real corroded metal, tile that looks like the end grain of a wood, and now, tile that looks like real wood planks … distressed and all.  The quality is amazing!

This is good stuff.  Perhaps you want to use wood as a backsplash, or maybe you prefer wood floors but the weather is hot where you live.  Now you can have the illusion of wood through these tiles.  The possibilities are endless for use in any part of your home.

The non-slip, porcelain tiles get their appearance from using ink-jet printing techniques to reproduce the grain of wood planks and come in a variety of true-to-life colors.
image credits: Hastings Tile and Bath, New York

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