merry christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

This charming color photograph above was taken at Christmas in 1914 – a mere 100 years ago! Taken only six months into the start of the Great War, to me it represents the innocence of an age that was quickly coming to an end.  The war would rage for four more years and completely change everything about life, setting the groundwork for the turbulent century most of us experienced. Yet in 1914 as families celebrated Christmas, few foresaw the dramatic changes ahead.

I bring this up as a way to invite you to be thankful for all you have. However much or little – it’s all really a blessing as long as you have a group of true friends and loving people around you. We should all celebrate this year since no one knows what the next will bring.

Wishing all my readers joyful and healthy times ahead.  Happy Holidays!  I’ll be back in January 2015.

image credit: Portrait of an unidentified female child with Christmas tree. December 1914. Color plate, assembly process. This color image was made with an early experimental 2-color Kodachrome process. (H.B. Wills – American). © George Eastman House / The Image Works