Chile: viewing the expansive cosmos in a small hotel with even smaller rooms (2/5)

Like all the other properties I’ve featured this week, the Elqui Domos Hotel has its grace – its a tiny modern design hotel in Chile.  While the other properties boast their wonderful terrestrial views, the Elqui is different.  It boasts the best celestial views … and they’re not joking.

The petit and ultra-contemporary hotel consists of 2 different types of rooms.  The first are the original stand-alone domes covered in a PVC tarp that houses 4 people … think of it as glamping (but only one bed gets the giant retractable skylight at its foot).  The second are a handful of small apartment-like structures with well-positioned windows for optimal stargazing.
Boring you say? Maybe. But before you judge, I invite you to try it J I’d venture to say most of us have never seen the sky like this.
image credits: James Florio via Elqui Domos Hotel, Chile