a chic contemporary wood bench

contemporary wood bench

One of my favorite new pieces of modern furniture is a cool contemporary wood bench I just discovered.  Infinitely more versatile than a sofa or chair, I can’t even think of a room where a bench wouldn’t be a welcome place to rest.  One favored Italian furniture maker – Porada, whose amazing bookshelf and delightful chairs have previously been subjects to my posts – has again raised the bar of fabulousness with the Belt bench designed by renowned Italian designer Tarcisio Colzani.

Every space in your home should be filled with different textures, and the Belt bench adds another layer of visual interest to your room.  The bench is made from pieces of solid walnut interwoven to create the top and raised on metal supports. The woven top is unusual and unexpected:  the natural shading of each piece of wood creates subtle variations that play beautifully in the light.  I also love the patterns thrown from the shadows of this contemporary wood bench.  It just provides another little touch of oomph to a space.


contemporary wood bench in walnut

In my experience, I have found that most of my clients have taken immediately to the idea of having sleek benches scattered throughout their homes.  The most obvious places are in an entry hall where benches make great places not only to sit to put on shoes, but also as places to set groceries and jackets before moving into the home.  Another classic spot is at the foot of a bed, where they become the repository for extra blankets and pillows on warm summer evenings.  But think outside the box and possibilities are endless: used outdoors in a casual sitting area, a bench acts as a cocktail table providing a place to rest books and drinks, but also doubles as seating when friends come round.  A good contemporary wood bench can also be accessorized with throw pillows or artistically arranged with piles of books in a living room.


italian contemporary wood bench

The Belt bench is a welcome addition to the Porada offerings.  Just when you think you have seen everything, they come up with this stunner to let you know they are still all about fresh, chic and stylish ideas.  In my world of design, it’s always good to have a great versatile piece of furniture in your repertoire and thanks to Porada’s marvelous new contemporary wood bench, my job just got a little bit easier!

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image credit: Porada, Italy