ceramic drum stools from italy

ceramic drum stools italy medium

I came across these fantastic ceramic drum stools and I just had to share. Doubling as small occasional tables or stools, these color saturated enamel stoneware and buttery-rich vegetable-dyed leather pieces are made in the studio of Italian leather maestro Oscar Maschera in Pesaro, Italy. And while admittedly they’re more rustic-chic than city-chic, the “Bombo” stools can easily fit into most decors to gracefully enliven any room – from a bathroom, a bedroom or even a covered veranda.


ceramic drum stools italy medium

To give credit where credit is due … the “Bombo” series of 3 different sized ceramic drum stools with Italian leather tops are designed by Argentine-born, Paris-based Nestor Perkal. It’s funny, how knowing this I can now totally see the Argentine pampas influence in its conception. But then, I wouldn’t bat an eye if I saw them in Marrakesh, Porto or Careyes. And that’s the reason for their beauty –  they’re effortlessly transcendental.


ceramic leather drum stools italy

Richard Rabel is a NYC Interior Designer and Principal at Richard Rabel: Interiors+ Art, a design studio offering residential design, decorating and art advising services.

image credits: ceramic drum stools: Oscar Maschera, Pesaro, Italy