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hello beautiful! ~ old-school craftsmanship meets contemporary design

I was recently on a business trip to Dallas and was reviewing a past issue of INTERIORS Magazine, when I ran across a lovely lamp I just had to bring to your attention. Unique amongst other floor lamps and slightly … Continue reading

the practical art behind alessi’s table lamps

From juicers to teapots, one can hardly say that Alessi’s products are boring or run-of-the-mill.  However mundane, Alessi has made it an integral part of their business to “design” and manufacture products that are aesthetical pleasing as well as very … Continue reading

discovering sophisticated table lamps at the London Design Festival

One of the products unveiled last month during the London Design Festival were these gorgeous table lamps by UK designer Simon Moore. The collection, called Balustrade, consists of 4 different table lamps with stackable and interchangeable components made of hand … Continue reading

a modern take on midcentury lighting

One of the most beautifully designed floor lamps I’ve seen recently, is this one made by the Laguna Beach, California Cerno Group in collaboration with New York luxury designer Frank Carfaro of Desiron. It’s inspiration is midcentury … think the … Continue reading

lighting with a modern midcentury glam: the kiss by stephen johnson

If you’ve wanted a sexy 1960’s Aston Martin, this is your chance.  Well … almost. For about US$300 you can drop some coin on this stellar light that reminds me of the headlights of the Aston Martin.  Not quite the … Continue reading

Futurism revived in the work of Salomé de Fontainieu

I couldn’t help thinking of Gino Severini, Umberto Boccioni and the rest of the Italian Futurists when I saw this piece at the Galerie Diane de Polignac in Paris.  Made of brass and striking a balance between sculpture and object, … Continue reading

Project Pickboard | richard rabel: using dering hall in a master bedroom – (3/5)

lamps: Tim Clarke Today is day 3 in the selection of furniture and accessories for the master bedroom of a couple in their 60s who want a sophisticated, comfortable and stylish new bedroom. As a reminder, ALL items selected this … Continue reading