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richard rabel: a 1930s penthouse renovation in manhattan (before and after)

People often ask me about my “style” in decorating and what I end up telling them is that my trademarks are polished, livable, warm and unique interiors that reflect today’s lifestyle; the are informed by the past but have a … Continue reading

defining modern eclectic design: the work of new york designer julie hillman

I recently discovered the work of design colleague JulieHillman and I was quite happy to do so. This is precisely the type of design I like to uncover.  With over 10 years of experience under her belt, Julie has a … Continue reading

David Collins: at the top of the craft

There are but a few people worldwide at the very top of the Interior Design profession. Masters of their craft whose clients are in the 1% and whose expectations far surpass many of ours and so it is with great … Continue reading

brian j. mccarthy: my current design “crush”

An alumni of the famed Parish-Hadley design studio that produced so many of today’s well-known designers in the U.S., Brian is in the league with the crème de la crème of interior designers worldwide. His classic overall style tends towards … Continue reading

modern scandinavian chic

There are several design colleagues I admire, particularly those who lend an “it” factor to the spaces they create.  One such designer is Patrik Lönn whose stately elegant space above is simply inspiring.  The balance of the room is achieved in … Continue reading