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guest blogging @ dezignlicious

Hippos Invade America Earlier in the week, I had a chance to make a guest appearance on the fabulous interiors blog Dezignlicious with my post ‚ÄúHippos Invade America‚ÄĚ.¬† Thank you Gail for your invitation.¬† If you missed it, you can … Continue reading

guest blogging @ canada’s rikrak studio (3/3)

Shopping NYC Auctions for less than US$1000 image credit: Doyle¬† New York Shopping the New York auctions can be a daunting task, but if you keep an eye on the prize, it can turn into a rewarding experience.¬† In my … Continue reading

Guest blogging @ new york’s Luxury Obsessed

The Awesome Ski Bed I‚Äôm thrilled to be a guest blogger for LuxuryObsessed!¬† Its posts on fashion, accessories, places and all things luxurious, have always been so ultra chic, so when I was asked to write a guest posting on … Continue reading

guest blogging @ france’s european chic

Dinner Bling in the Age of Napoleon One thing we cannot deny about the French is their chicness and sophistication in everything art and design.¬† So when I was approached by Anna of European Chic to write a guest blog … Continue reading

guest blogging @ canada’s rikrak studio (1/3)

Sculpture Hop Through NYC Parks Earlier in the summer, I was invited by Canada‚Äôs rikrakstudio to provide them with a series of 3 guest blogs on art + design. Thank you Kristal!!! In mid-August, the first of these blog posts … Continue reading

Guest Blogger: European Chic

For a change in pace and when possible, I thought it would be nice to have a¬†Saturday¬†guest blogger bring to us their thoughts on art, design, decoration and related fields. ¬†Opening this series I’ve invited the¬†terriblement¬†fabuleuse¬†European Chic, a Paris-based blog … Continue reading