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making magic from everyday objects – the art of tara donovan

I almost missed Tara Donavan’s (b. 1969) first European show at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art outside of Copenhagen, Denmark had it not been for some of my itinerant friends.  Tara, for those who don’t know, is a Brooklyn-based … Continue reading

the legend of narcissus redux – a reminder in the art of Rachel Hovnanian

New York-based artist Rachel Hovnanian’s work really catches my eye with her beautiful “Gates of Narcissus, Motherboards”, a series of heavily textured, sculptural framed works made of thousands of tiny, metal-casted, narcissus flowers. The legend of Narcissus goes that as … Continue reading

Authenticity in the works of Lin Tianmiao, China’s most famous female artist

The Asia Society of New York currently has a retrospective on contemporary Chinese artist Lin Tianmiao that I went to see the other day.  I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t know much about the artist but unlike many an exhibition, … Continue reading

Catalina Bauer: Utilitarian materials transformed

Although until recently she was mostly known to the local Chilean art-scene, Argentine-born but Chilean-based Catalina Bauer is an international contemporary artist star on the ascent. Her first true global break came with her inclusion in the show Tectonic Shift, … Continue reading

The brilliant books of Airan Kang

Contemporary art comes in m-a-n-y disguises, some easier to grasp than others, so when I’m scouting for today’s art either for myself or for my clients I want it to be approachable and provocative in as much as I want … Continue reading

A faceless identity

There have been those times in my life when the thought of running off to the Kho Phi Phi Islands in the middle of the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand (which by the way, IS Paradise on earth) … Continue reading

Engaging with art

I ALWAYS advise buying art or design based on whether it triggers something emotional in the viewer.  Although “keeping up with the Joneses” seems increasingly super cool in the art world these days, buying art primarily as an investment is … Continue reading