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the hardest hotel room to book in London

Move over shishi-designed hotels of London.  The hotel to book in 2012 is the 1 bedroom, 1 night only Room for London – a completely equipped accommodation and art installation commissioned by Living Architecture (an enterprise that provides the public … Continue reading

Diego Rivera and the Rockefeller commission

Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo are undoubtedly Mexico’s most famous 20th century artists.  But even the mightiest of artists do not have carte blanche to do as they please when commissioned by a powerful arts patron, as I … Continue reading

Is Chatsworth REALLY Swift’s mythical kingdom of Lilliput?

One of the top, top exhibitions not to be missed if you are in England this Fall is Beyond Limits, a selling exhibition of monumental contemporary sculpture.  Over 25 artists from around the world will be on display, from Magritte … Continue reading

Make it Work!

As a young teenager living in Mexico, I remember my father extolling the creative virtues of the Mexican construction workers building our beautiful home. While some of the “creative” shortcuts may not have been safe (like when they replaced a … Continue reading