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leon ferrari and the art of the scribble

image credit: Leon Ferrari, courtesy of Cecilia Torres Gallery, New York Argentine artist Leon Ferrari (b. 1920) works in all manner of materials to create engaging works of contemporary art.  I first encountered his work on one of my first … Continue reading

Donato Creti: Preserving the legacy of this great master from the past

Twelve years ago there was a small exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art titled “Donato Creti: Melancholy and Perfection” which introduced the 18th century Bolognese artist (1671-1749) to the mainstream American audience.  Great masters sometimes fall out of favor … Continue reading

Diego Rivera and the Rockefeller commission

Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo are undoubtedly Mexico’s most famous 20th century artists.  But even the mightiest of artists do not have carte blanche to do as they please when commissioned by a powerful arts patron, as I … Continue reading

More than lines on paper

I am bombarded on a daily basis with information sent to me on art, artists, designers, products, etc., etc. and most of it, in my view, is rubbish.  But sometimes something really interesting and worth mentioning appears.   This is the … Continue reading