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candle wall sconces VagabondVintage tealights

Have you ever considered candle wall sconces for your interiors?  While I’m not suggesting living our everyday existence in a pre-Edison era, I am suggesting living more moments under the spell of candlelight.  Unpractical?  Well, perhaps.  But then so is eating with proper silver flatware and I do it everyday.  In the end, it’s the little details in life that make it that more special.

The magic of candlelight heightens our senses.  Most everybody looks good under the warm glow and it’s just another good reason why a dinner party should be lit by candles.  But let’s think outside the box:  What if candle wall sconces also illuminated your room?  It’s a cool idea.  Below are some of my sources.

candle wall sconces: tea-candles


If you prefer small tea–lights, the candle wall sconces from Vagabond Vintage (above) are a good pick. Made from iron and leafed in gold that helps to magnify the light, these sconces come in 3 styles that fit into pretty much any décor.  Just close your eyes and imagine an entrance corridor (or your dining room) lined on either side by the tear-shaped sconces at the top of the picture.  With all the electric lights turned off and with only the light from these vessels, wouldn’t it be a fabulous sight with the flickering light reflecting off the golden backplate.


candle wall sconces swedish

candle wall sconces: standard candles


If you prefer a “standard” candle, and perhaps something more hefty and collectible, then the hand hammered brass candle wall sconces by Swedish metalsmith Malin Appelgren Paulsson are a wonderful alternative.  The appliques come in 4 sizes – from a 6 inch to a 14 inch diameter – and in either yellow brass or in pewter plate. Appelgren Paulsson’s grandfather taught her the trade.  His first sconces were made in the 1930s for King Gustav V of Sweden who presented them to his son Prince Gustav Adolf as a wedding gift.  And like most other Scandinavian furnishings, the sconces can work superbly well in any interior whether a Ralph Lauren uber traditional room or a hip Peter Marino pleasure den.


candle wall sconces swedish

Perhaps not for families with small children, but for everybody else, candle wall sconces are an easy way to add a bit of sexy WOW to your rooms – whether a dining room, corridor, vestibule, bathroom or frankly any room in your home. It’s the little details that give radiance to life!


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image credits from top to bottom:; all others Malin Appelgren Paulsson for TheShopFloorProject.


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