c. jeré: the creative design brains behind the “stage name”

Every now and then I come across an amazing mirror or sculpture signed C. Jeré, and until recently I had no idea of the genius behind the name.  C. Jeré, erroneously also called Curtis Jere, is not a person like Line Vautrin, but rather the signature used by Jerry Fels (1917-2007) and Kurt Freiler (b.1910) of Artisan House who created a vast array of mirrors, lighting, and sculptures during the 1960s and 1970s.  Fels and Freiler began producing costume jewelry in L.A. in the 50s and 60s until a fire destroyed their stock and factory.  It was then they decided to take a leap into interior decoration metal objects.

The fab wall sculptures and mirrors made of metal and wires are what I’m currently coveting.  Some are abstract, others representational, and there is even a group of pop art inspired pieces that include a huge bottle opener and whisk.

I love this mass of spheres, which would look great above a long sofa.  They catch the light and reflect it in such an amazingly interactive way.  Or I can see this swirl of fish in a lakeside home.  And a good mirror goes a long way, and one like this happens to be a favorite.
There are also the fun pieces, if only because of the eccentric kitsch factor.  Who really needs a wall sculpture of the Golden Gate Bridge?  But then, it’s such a funky piece that it screams 1970s and could be just what that retro decor is crying out for.  Or this leaping pod of dolphins – really?

 All of their work is signed C. Jeré, so don’t accept anything not signed.  The increasing popularity has led to a run in prices for the best work, but Jonathan Adler has recently begun reproducing some of the pieces in collaboration with the original firm.  But as I always advise, look for the originals first.  They’re out there begging to be found.
image credits: 1stDibs and Ebay

PS: Thank you for stopping by and reading my feature today.  I love what I do as an interior designer and art advisor, and it’s my hope that through these blog posts I’m enriching and heightening your aesthetic sensibility towards art, design and fabulous interiors in some way ~ Richard Rabel (a.k.a. the modern sybarite)