buccellati silver, inspired by nature

Buccellati silver jam jar

Buccellati silver clearly draws great inspiration from the natural world around us. More than any other firm of silversmiths that I can think of, their beautiful silver bowls, centerpieces and table articles are created using forms that all of us know from our daily lives. With Fall upon us, today we look at how Buccellati silver accent pieces can keep a little bit of the outdoors in, even as the days grow shorter and colder.

Many a great hostess has set her table with Buccellati silver over the years. The firm opened in Milan in 1919 and after the war, it’s silver became internationally recognized with stores in New York, London and Paris. Buccellati’s clientele has always been drawn from European society, a fact that lends credence to the moniker “The Prince of Goldsmiths”. Today, the house is still famous for the exquisite jewelry that they produce and for their fine silver creations.


buccellati silver mushroom salt and pepper

Perhaps nothing is more symbolic of Buccellati silver than their handsome jam jars (first image). Combining the warmth of hand blown Murano glass with silver tops, each jar is crafted to resemble a fruit. There are jars in the form of pears, apples, peaches and tomatoes, which add a touch of whimsy to any table setting. I see these objects used outside of the dining room as well, scattered about a living room as perfect little jewels.


Buccellati silver flower salts

Buccellati silver salt and pepper shakers are another favorite.  The 2 image shows the salts as mushrooms that bring the earthiness of the forest into the home. Here the salt and pepper shakers are joined by a larger, more robust mushroom, which acts as a mustard pot.  The pair above is modeled after delicate poppy flowers that look beautiful scattered across a dining table. They are all so realistic and highly detailed that they are bound to amaze even those of your friends who wouldn’t deign to admit a love for the outdoors!


Buccellati silver seafood centerpiece

Another example of natural beauty brought to the height of luxury, this fabulous centerpiece of shimmering silver fish and sea life would look amazing on a contemporary dining table or sideboard. With all the reminders of a great old master still life, with even the minutest detail accounted for, this is a piece that would shine as easily at a farmhouse table laid out with organic ceramic dinnerware as it would at a dining table set with the finest delicate porcelain.


Buccellati silver duck

And how could I not end with this captivating little duckling? Such a sweetheart, crafted from Buccellati’s trademark silver wirework “feathers” which give him his lifelike appearance. You could have a whole little brace of ducks in your child’s room! In the competitive world of silverware design, Buccellati silver’s quality and high standards of craftsmanship have created a name synonymous with good taste.


Richard Rabel is a New York Interior Designer and Principal at Richard Rabel: Interiors+ Art, a design studio offering residential design, decorating and art advising services.

image credits: Buccellati, Milan