Brooklyn’s cultish cutting boards

Whoever thought a kitchen cutting board could be cool and hip?  Not me, but I was readily converted after I saw these from indy designer Peter Raho, owner of Gowanus Furniture. These beautiful custom boards whisper great design and have become something of a cult with the foodies and cognoscenti of New York … so shhhhhh … don’t tell anybody!!!

While Raho enjoys telling the story behind the visual aesthetic of each (apparently the decoration has to do with morse code … don’t ask me, ask him!), I find them terribly handsome and useful for any space at any price.  I can’t say I have a favorite because each serves a specific purpose and I like them all.  There is the larger Eagle (top) of walnut and maple that shows the end-grain of the wood. Then there is the Kentile showcasing the longer grain of the wood. The small Lime boards (middle) are PERFECT for slicing and serving individual portions.  The designer also devised a board for using on a stovetop and one to go over the sink with a built-in hole for waste disposal (bottom) … genius!

Whether uptown or downtown, 8th or 12th arrondissements, Holland Park or Chelsea, these useful kitchen pieces rock the casbah!

image credit: gowanus furniture
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