british traditional skills = superb handmade home collections = soane britain

Soane Britain: London showroom featuring pair of Crillon chairs
If you haven’t been living under a design rock, by now you’ve heard of Soane Britain.  And although it has been operating in the U.K. for years, recently it arrived on our side of the pond with a storefront at Dering Hall.  I guess they’re testing the waters before a full invasion of the U.S. Go for it Lulu Lytle (she is one of the founders). We really like your stuff!!!

Soane Britain: Crillon arm chair
Soane Britain: Crillon foot stool
I’ve always enjoyed going into her shop on Pimlico Road in London.  There is so much to see among her mix of home “necessities” like furniture, lighting, wall paper and upholstery, and also choice antiques that work well with her selections.  And while I’m a slightly more of a modernist, I cannot argue with the superb quality of her collections. After all, everything is hand-made by the cottage industry in Britain of cabinetmakers, metalworkers, upholsterers, and rattan weavers (yes, however exotic, Britain does have a long tradition of using this material!).
Soane Britain: Opera chair (also available with a taller back)
Soane Britain: Yacht chair (great for a kitchen on land!)
Every piece is made to order, except for the pieces in the showrooms and that to me is a plus because they can custom make anything.  So with this in mind, I scouted her website and found these to be my favorite designs for seating: timeless, functional, aesthetically beautiful and easily paired in an interior with either antiques or vintage designs.
Soane Britain: 1940s inspired Vendome sofa
image credits: Soane Britain, London.