brian j. mccarthy: my current design “crush”

An alumni of the famed Parish-Hadley design studio that produced so many of today’s well-known designers in the U.S., Brian is in the league with the crème de la crème of interior designers worldwide.

His classic overall style tends towards an unpretentious European aesthetic.  He achieves this by striking a balance with the right amount of premium old world decorative art to make a statement, but to not overwhelm a space.  He then infuses his rooms with modern fine art, whether an oil on canvas or a photograph, to zap it into the 21st century. The results are marvelous … just ask former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, whose home in London was designed by Brian.
Like his colleagues at the very, very top, Brian is a maestro at utilizing artisans to create furnishing for his spaces.  But one thing that amazes me is that he also uses artisans to work on all the surfaces in a room.  One can observe that the plaster and woodwork in the featured rooms is simply magnificent.  The pattern, texture and colors of the floors, walls and ceilings are truly First Class. 
Just think.  How ordinary the walls on the first room would be if they were plastered as most walls are?  How different the bathroom would look if it was tiled or painted instead of having the exquisite sunburst wood paneling on the wall AND the hand made shower enclosure?  How different would the loggia appear if the concave ceiling was slick, and instead of Claude Lalanne’s gilt-bronze Trône de Pauline chair and a Candida Höfer photo you had tapestries or contemporary junk.  Everything with Brian’s interiors is outstanding and that is why I have a design “crush” on his work!
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