Breathtaking architecture in Singapore

As the final week of the summer closes in on us, I thought it apropos to feature an architectural marvel that is not only an incredible hotel with an exceptional pool and magnificent tropical gardens, but a great escape from reality as well.  A dear friend from Texas sent me images of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino in Singapore that opened earlier this year and I could hardly believe my eyes.

Balanced 57 stories in the air, anchored by 3 skyscrapers and cantilevered 67 m. (220 ft.) off one of the towers, the Skypark is something really out of sci-fi.  It is slightly longer than the Eiffel Tower on its side (340 m. | over 1000 ft.) and boasts a 150 m. (almost 500 ft.) infinity swimming pool that overlooks the entire city.
I thought the pool at the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas was cutting-edge, but I have to say this must-see architectural stunner takes first prize!!!