brass coffee tables with sass


I was recently in search of beautiful and contemporary brass coffee tables to “complete” a new living room project. When the subject of a coffee table came up, we immediately went to brass because it adds a wonderful timeless and hip look to a room. There are hundreds of styles of brass coffee tables out there, so narrowing down the selection to a chic four was my first priority.



I often find that a couple with kids will ask me for a “coffee table” while a bachelor or couple without kids will talk about “cocktail tables”. Make of it what you will, they all fulfill the same important function regardless of what you call them – a place to rest a drink, a book and the TV remote.  The rockin’ example above by London-based Lara Bohinc for Lapicida combines various shades of marble banded by brass in the “Solaris Kinectic” coffee table that, like orbiting planets, can move into different positions. While it looks simple enough, it actually takes over 100 hours to carve and fit all the pieces together, but the result is this stunning table which will grow with a family throughout their lives and homes.



Another one of the brass coffee tables that made the list was Gloria Cortina’s “Mathias” table that shimmers with its hand-hammered surface that reflects light so perfectly. This is definitely a cocktail table that makes a star appearance over drinks at night after the kids have retired. Another of my preferences is for furniture that can do double duty, and because this piece is made in three complementing sections, it can be configured to suit your space perfectly. You could even use the pieces on their own scattered about a room to provide the ideal perch for drinks or even an extra guest.



A few weeks back we looked at modern credenzas and one of the most popular from that post was a piece by Brian Thoreen who is also the creator of this amazing piece that made it on the brass coffee tables shortlist. Another mix of marble and brass, Thoreen uses the natural figuring in the stone to add another layer of interest in this piece. I love that the space under the table is open to give an air of lightness to an otherwise very substantial table. The ragged, unconventional shape is also perfect for a living room that is not confined to the traditional linear furniture placement so common in homes. It breaks free of the space and appears to dance to its own beat!



Perhaps my favorite of all of these great brass coffee tables shown today is the “Rosanna” by Erwan Boulloud. The polished brass table takes on an organic form while the top is inset with falcon eye stones that appear to ripple like they have just been tossed carelessly into a pond. A great coffee table anchors a room, and this elegant piece ticks all the right boxes in being interesting and unusual while still totally practical. Created in a limited edition of only eight, it also means the piece is extra special.

Richard Rabel is a New York Interior Designer and Principal at Richard Rabel: Interiors+ Art, a studio offering residential design, decorating and art advising.

image credits: brass coffee tables: Lara Bohinc for Lapicida, London; Gloria Cortina, Mexico City through Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York; Brian Thoreen, Los Angeles; Erwan Boulloud, Pantin (Paris), France – image via WSJ.