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Acacia bookshelf lamps

Bookshelf lamps are not something that comes to mind when people think of home essentials, but I beg to differ.  Several of my clients are fortunate enough to have rooms dedicated to nothing more than books and reading, and that’s where the lighting dilemma begins.  How to cast a warm glow over a library without resorting to masses of table lamps through the room?  That’s where these ingeniously designed bookshelf lamps come in.


bookshelf lamps Acacia

For a touch of the transitional, Fuse Lighting offers the Acacia bookshelf lamps which have a beautiful deco style bronze shade with a leather clad base.  The shade resembles a curling leaf and part of its beauty is that it can be used either facing up where it reminds me of the stage lighting used in old theaters, or the shade can hang downwards casting a warm glow on the shelf below.  I could see four or five of these clever lights scattered among your books in a long wall of bookshelves.  The bases come in brown, red and black leather, so you can have them pop out or hide discretely amongst your books.

 bookshelf lamps ingo maurer

People who prefer sleek clean lines in their modern study, have another option for bookshelf lamps in the contemporary looking LED Oskar light from Ingo Maurer. The black metal base is narrow and easily blends in with your collection of books, while the flexible adjustable arm allows you to position the light perfectly to shine a focused light.  They also act as great reading lights eliminating the need to have bulky floor lamps towering over your favorite reading nook.

A great designer friend once told me the worst thing a client could do is to not put enough thought into lighting.  Too many people rely on harsh overhead lighting.  A more subtle glow enhances the mood of the room and frankly makes everyone and everything look better!  That’s why I’m in love with these two very different bookshelf lamps: whatever your style they’ll fit beautifully into your décor.

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image credit: Fuse Lighting, California; Ingo Maurer, Germany, photo Tom Vack.