bling, bling in the luxurious glass of Anna Torfs

Belgian born glass artist and designer Anna Torfs is once again pushing the envelope of innovation and plush luxury with the vessels in her objects collection.  Rooted in traditional glass making techniques, but forward thinking in design, Anna is one artist I really, really like.

Perhaps it’s because I’m rediscovering bronze/gold colors in rich interiors, that these objects in cut crystal and gold are really memorable.  The different widths of glass ribbons make for some remarkable pieces named the “High”, “Low” and “Coupe”.  I love how these bands of glass are perfectly placed around the core.
It’s no secret the artist is a personal fave.  I wrote about her in 2011 where I featured 2 other technically challenging and marvelous vases.
image credits: © J. Kviz for Anna Torfs, Prague

PS: Thank you for stopping by and reading my feature today.  I love what I do as an interior designer and art advisor, and it’s my hope that through these blog posts I’m enriching and heightening your aesthetic sensibility towards art, design and fabulous interiors in some way ~ Richard Rabel (a.k.a. the modern sybarite)