behind every perfect stitch at Hermès

Why is Hermes so expensive?  That’s the question in many people’s head.  But part of being a sybarite is recognizing and living with quality products  – whether a tie, bag or piece of furniture – and price is not really an issue.  One of the best examples of a sybaritic brand is the ever-so-chic House of Hermès.

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Festival des Métiers in New York – an Hermès sponsored touring exhibition of their own luxury craftsmen and artisans demonstrating and discussing how some of their iconic pieces are put together.  It was an awesome experience. It also showed me why their products are so expensive.
Did you know that it takes 1 person 8-10 minutes to make an Hermèstie?
Can you believe a Kelly Bag is made by 1 artisan and it takes him 18 hours to finish?  No wonder there is a waiting list!
A saddle takes 25-30 hours.
The Saint-Louis crystal company, with its roots going back to 1586, is the oldest crystal glass manufacturer in France, and since 1995 a part of the Ateliers Hermès.  It takes 20 days to make each wine glass – from handblowing to hand decorating.  No clinking of these glasses!
The production of their iconic silk scarves really blew me away: who would guess it is a two year process from design to finished product?
So now you know why Hermes is so expensive – because it takes so much time to produce their iconic products.
The Festival is open at no charge to the public through 09 September in NYC (583 Park Avenue).  The Exhibition will then open 20-24 September in San Francisco  (at the Union Square Park) and in Houston from 10-14 October 2012 (at 1800 Post Oak Blvd).
image credits: logo – Hermès Paris.  All others Richard Rabel
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