back to the future – a 19th century townhouse in 21st century new york

Loeb Townhouse, New York, (master bedroom)
photo Durston Saylor
My quarterly duties call and today I’m over at The Daily Basics where I’m featuring what has to be one of the most incredible interiors in New York City.  A few weeks ago, I featured a post titled “taste really is in the eye of the beholder”, a post which created an enormous buzz and spirited debate.  And while today’s feature also subscribes to that statement, you’ll see that although it may not be your thing, what townhouse owners Michael and Margie Loeb have done with this late 19th century home is insanely m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s.  So follow me with an open mind to discover one veritable Manhattan jewel box.
image credits: Durston Saylor, New York for Antiques and Fine Art Magazine